Lugano Diamonds Business Shining Under Moti Ferder

Ever since its inception at Newport Beach California, Moti Ferder Lugano Diamonds has been inspiring the wealthiest people of the Orange country to purchase the world’s exquisite collection of diamonds. There are many unique collections which the clients had a taste for and this has led to the brand being positioned as one of the best luxury brands in the world.

Lugano has been concentrating on building brand exclusivity and this has helped the company to grow. Moti has been awarded as the excellence in entrepreneurship in 2012 in orange county business and the reason for the success as an entrepreneur has been attributed to the vertical integration.

The term vertical integration implies that the company has direct control of various roles that are required in jeweler business and has kept the quality under tight control. The clients are always presented with the best in the business and this has meant that there are no problems to the buyers.

Specialty about Moti Ferder marketing

Moti has been able to build an aura of exclusivity around the brand and there has been rare green tourmaline necklace that had 9.6-carat diamond and that was designed by Moti Ferder himself. This versatile and casual piece that Moti has designed has been an instant hit with the clients who were looking for a switchover from the grandiose jeweler designs.

The designs that Moti has been creating have been for making the most use of the available designs and there has been a design that has been created that resembled the face of a horse. These styles of designs are labelled as creative and there has been a creation that has been made that has a lot of meanings.

The other key factor of marketing was that these pieces always have a sense of uniqueness and would meet the expectations of the client.