E- cigaret – A Substitute That Saves Lives & Improves Health

Smoking Tobacco is one of the most addictive habits that can be fatal to your health. There is a huge population of smokers, all over the world and 12 percent of them are Indians. According to the sources, around 900,000 Indians die every year due to smoking injurious tobacco.


India has seen a rapid growth of smokers annually, and government sponsored awareness programs are telecasted in theatres, national television, radio etc.- encouraging people  to quit smoking. Many tobacco users are seen shifting to nicotine tablets – However, the nation needs a fitting substitute that can replace the regular cigarettes.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes? 

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated electronic devices that enable a tobacco user to inhale aerosol (Typically Contains Nicotine, Chemicals & Flavors), and empower him/her to quit smoking by eliminating the use of tobacco.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Tobacco?

Tobacco smokers are tempted to continue the habit due to the extensive nicotine requirement. The nicotine content in E-cigaret reduce the urge to smoke by countering the nicotine deficiency syndrome.

Electronic Cigarettes/e-cigaretter – Key Points to Remember 

Electronic cigarettes is life saving and is the best substitute for tobacco smokers, However, it doesn’t mean that they are not harmful to your health. The following are the key facts associated with e-cigarettes-

In comparison to regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not emit carbon monoxide- Therefore, these devices fueled by e-liquid, do not lead to environmental pollution.

  • Electronic cigarettes have negligible effect on the stander-by and reduce the harmful effects of passive smoking.
  • They are available in hundreds of flavors and there are hundreds of companies who are involved in manufacturing of electronic cigarettes.
  • Electronic cigarettes are beneficial for a short to medium term use, and are aimed at cessation of smoking tobacco. However, long-term use can badly affect the human health.

The invention of electronic cigarettes is revolutionary and it has helped a number of users quit tobacco. However, it should be used as a preventive measure – Addiction of any kind will impair health and lead to unavoidable consequences.